Wild Yarrow Herbal Medicine & Dispensary


Bree Nabholz, registered herbalist, formulates and hand-blends herbal products designed for pregnancy from locally-sourced and organic ingredients.

Wild Yarrow‘s botanical dispensary stocks over 80 organically grown herbs in order to create custom-blended herbal products specifically for you.

Each herbal formulation is designed and tailored to suit your body and specific health needs.

It’s like having your own herbal supplement designed for you!

Herbs can help with many health conditions, including:

-Digestive disorders
-Sleep issues
-Anxiety & Depression
-Joint pain & Arthritis
-Skin issues
-Colds & Flus
-Auto-Immune conditions
-Sports Injuries
-Menstral and Menopause symptoms
-Staying healthy & Illness prevention
– And so many more!

Bree is a clinically trained Registered Medical Herbalist RH(AHG) with a Diploma of Phytotherapy from Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC. She has received one of the highest level of education available in North America within the field of herbal medicine. Born and raised in Alberta, she is excited to be practicing in the community she grew up in. Find her on Facebook!

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