The Art House Studios

My name is Jacqueline Laurette, I am the face behind the Art House Studios + Baby Boutique in Downtown Red Deer. 

At The Art House we start result in mind. Our mission is to give our clients and customers an experience they can’t get anywhere else. I have been a baby photographer for a few years now, but before that I spent most of my life studying the arts in it many forms. Which is why I have always has such an appreciation for unique, quality and handmade items that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Being a baby photographer, I began to see a gap in the market for such items, especially those that are crafted specifically for babies and toddlers. My clients were constantly telling me how difficult it was to find unique and quality items and clothing for their littles, and that the options for brick and mortar baby boutiques around our city in particular were non existent, leaving them with big box options, or online shopping.

This, as well as my love for babies and children were the inspirations behind The Art House Studios + Baby Boutique. 

Unorthodox. The photo studio and boutique combo is relatively unheard of. But not impossible. 

And so we embarked on this unusual adventure in hopes of providing my photography clients as well and new customers an opportunity to shop local, shop handmade, shop quality clothing and products that are natural and safe, and of course – ethically produced. With over 80% of the products sourced locally and the remaining 20% from Canada and other ethical parts of the world such as USA and New Zealand. 

This is such a personal journey for me, and if it’s not obvious yet, once you come into the Studio + Boutique you will see the story of my world through art, photography and quality products.

I want to create a beautiful experience for customers every time they visit.