ShayBerry for Kids

How I started:
There was a need for me to find a home business that required a modest initial investment, little overhead and word of mouth for advertising. So I started a home sewing business.

Many years ago when my family was just young, I used a small space at a local clothing botique to offer mending and alterations services to our community. I really enjoyed the adventure. Due to a major life change, I moved provinces and started anew. However, family needs dictated I work in a new field.

Well, as life goes, it changed again and I could once more pursue my craft of sewing.

So, Gayla’s Mending & Alterations was born. After two years or so I found that my drive and passion for sewing was wavering. A good friend approached me and asked if would consider being partners in a business that catored to the needs of clothing for kids. After much meditation, investigation and paperwork, I said yes. So now I had two small businesses. My creative juices were flowing once again, the two businesses complimented one another and my knowledge and experience were working very well. Its been about tw years now and the business is growing. I am now sole owner and operator and I love it!

I have a great space in my home that I use for all my sewing adventures. ShayBerry offers diaper bags, recieving blankets, baby quilts, baby blankets, girls dresses, boys bow ties, belts and suspenders, and hair accessories for girls. With more to come!‚Äč

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