Rock Your Bump Baby Shower vendor package

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Rock Your Bump, Baby Shower

June 1st, 2019
    12:00pm – 3:00pm for moms-to-be & guests by pre-purchased tickets only
3:00pm – 5:00pm open to everyone!
    The Black Knight Inn, Red Deer, Alberta


Rock Your Bump started back in 2011 as the premier shopping event for new and expectant moms and has continued to be a show that people look forward to attending! In 2018 we added a new addition to our line up, “Rock Your Bump Baby Shower”. We had excellent feedback from attendees and have decided to make it a once yearly event! Central Alberta is very focused on shopping local and supporting local so with this event we want to have local businesses represented as much as possible! 

Rock Your Bump Baby Shower has less vendors than our normal show offers because of the seating and stage area, so we will be looking for unique vendors that truly focus on pregnancy, babies and moms. This includes those who offer products for sale and those who offer services. Because of the intimate setting we will be limiting each category accordingly. Our primary basis for acceptance in the show is the quality, originality and craftsmanship of the work to be sold or a service that fits into a pregnancy and baby category. This will be a juried event like our other shows are. We are not accepting any new MLM or direct sales vendors. Thank you for understanding.

What We Offer:

Our Baby shower is where moms-to-be will have the opportunity to shop, meet local business that offer services related to pregnancy or little ones and take part in informative talks given by local business owners. Moms-to-be can also bring guests to the event and we will have tickets specially priced for guests. All moms-to-be will receive a swag bag and a little gift from us included in their ticket price. June 1st 2019 will be our second Baby Shower event. The Baby Shower portion of the day is admittance by pre-purchased ticket only. For this event we are encouraging all attendees to arrive at the start time and stay until at least the fun on stage is finished. This is not a drop in event like Rock Your Bump is.


12:00pm: Doors open to Moms-to-be and their guests (pre-purchased tickets only)

12:30pm – 2:00pm: Informative talks, games and giveaway take place on the stage. During this time vendors can also take in the information, shop quietly or even get some lunch from the on-site restaurant or lounge.

2:00pm – 3:00pm: exclusive shopping time for guests

3:00pm – 5:00pm: Guests Can continue to shop and we open the doors to the public to come in and shop. Tickets are not needed to get in. We may add a community cause to collect donations for in lieu of a set admission.

What would a baby shower be without gifts and games? We will have draws and fun games sprinkled throughout the informative talks portion. For this event we are requiring vendors to donate a door prize that will be used to promote the show before or given out during the event. We do not have minimum value for door prizes. 

Each exhibitor has the opportunity to add tangible items to our 65 swag bags, along with your business card. We will not accept paper only as swag. Be creative!


Rock Your Bump is dedicated to showcasing businesses that are local to Central Alberta. Our research has shown that Central Alberta residents like to shop local and support local businesses. They also love unique items that cannot be found “everywhere”. Mothers represent the most powerful consumers in Canada today, controlling the majority of the household spending. By being a part of Rock Your Bump, you will be having face to face interaction with these women! 90% of those who attend our show identify as female, with the majority being between the ages of 25 and 34 (55%). Over 90% of attendees are expecting and/or have children and over 50% are married. For our second Baby Shower we are expecting between 300 – 400 adults.

Advertising and Promotion:

We use many different means of advertising in order to reach as many people as we can.

Printed Material:

Approximately 2000 postcards and posters will be delivered around the community in the months leading up to the show by vendors and the show organizers. By having all the vendors handing out postcards as well, we are able to reach so many more people! We will also have programs at the event so the guests know what is going on.

Radio advertising:

We will be utilizing radio advertising again for this event. We are just finalizing what that will look like. We think we’ll have ads running for the week leading up to the show on Real Country 95.5. They also do a giveaway for us on their Facebook page.

Social Media:

This is our biggest area for advertising with about 95% of attendees hearing about the show on social media. If you have been a vendor in the past, you know we do a lot of social media advertising and shout outs for our vendors. 


Each vendor gets their own page on our website ( where you will have your company name and description along with any pictures/logo you provide to us. We keep all past vendors listed for a minimum of 2 years.

Table and Booth Options:

(map is at the bottom of the page)

Inside 8 foot Table (handmade) $125

Inside 8 foot Table $150

*Please note that all inside 8 foot tables are just the table and cannot be moved. There will be no space beside, in front or behind the table for product displays, clothing racks, backdrops, etc.

**All tables are 8 feet long and approximately 2.5 feet deep and are covered and skirted.

  • You will receive a minimum of 5 mentions on social media.
  • Opportunity to contribute promotional materials, samples and coupons to 65 swag bags (Paper only will not be accepted. Please make sure you have items attached to any paper you contribute).
  • Private vendor page on Facebook so you can ask questions and we can keep you updated on the show.
  • Your own page on RYB website with links to your website/Facebook page, pictures and description (provided by you).
  • Complimentary electricity in all outside spaces (please bring your own extension cord) 
  • Tables are covered and skirted
  • Free Wifi available for vendors

What else do you get?

Other opportunities:

Stage Sponsor

We are looking for local business to decorate the entry table and the stage with a baby shower theme as our Stage Sponsor. If you business is a party planning business, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills! In exchange for decorating our stage and entry table will receive a discount on your space, if you choose to have a space, plus:

  • Your company logo on the programs
  • Space for a sign or banner beside the stage (provided by you)
  • Your own page on RYB website with links to your website/Facebook page, pictures and description (provided by you) and listed as our snack sponsor on the website.
  • Private vendor page on Facebook so you can ask questions and we can keep you updated on the show.
  • Minimum 5 mentions on Social Media & thank you’s for being our snack sponsor
  • Opportunity to contribute promotional materials, samples and coupons to 65 swag bags. Paper only will not be accepted. Please make sure you have items attached to any paper you contribute).
  • Postcards and posters to hand out so your customers

Button Sponsor

We have this unique sponsorship opportunity for a business who may or may not be attending the event as a vendor. At the baby shower each mom to be will receive a button that she will be able to wear at the event. This will identify them as an expecting mom and provide a little extra take home gift from the event. We have these designed and made locally in Alberta.

You will receive the following as the button sponsor:

  • Minimum 3 mentions on Social Media & thank you’s for being our button sponsor
  • Opportunity to contribute promotional materials, samples and coupons to 65 swag bags. Paper only will not be accepted. Please make sure you have items attached to any paper you contribute).
  • Your company logo on the programs
  • Your own page on RYB website with links to your website/Facebook page, pictures and description (provided by you) and listed as our button sponsor on the website.
  • Postcards and posters to hand out so your customers


Rules and regulations:

1. Complete all forms online and email photos to Send in payment within 48 hours of being accepted. Do not send payment until you receive an email accepting you – this is a juried show. Please allow up to 14 days for us to look over applications and make decisions. If you are not accepted you will be notified. Receipts will be on your table the day of the show. If you need a duplicate receipt due to it being lost or misplaced, there will be a $5 charge.

2. Set up will be from 9:00am until 11:45am on Saturday. ALL vendors must be present by 10:30am to set up. Failure to do so will automatically release your booth location back to the show organizer and no refund will be issued. Vendors may not dismantle before 5pm. Anyone found to be taking down before 5pm will not be invited back. A lot of vendors have asked for time to do some shopping themselves, and there will be time to quietly shop while the talks and giveaways are going on from 12:30pm – 2:00pm.

3. Keep your area clean and tidy with extra stock and personal items stored under tablecloths and out of public view.

4. Photographs and videos: Organizers reserve the rights to reproduce all photographs, images and likenesses taken during the show for future promotional purposes.

5. Nothing is to be attached to the walls in any way.

6. Spaces cannot be shared with other business, nor can you advertise another business at your booth.

7. We reserve the right to ask a vendor to leave if they are not acting in a professional manner at the show.

8. Anyone selling items not approved will be asked to leave.

9. Any items left at The Black Knight Inn will be disposed of as Rock Your Bump organizers see fit.

10. Vendor agrees that the event management, the venue and their representatives are not liable for any injury, damage that may occur to the exhibitor or to any items that are lost, stolen or damaged at Rock Your Bump. While we do not require it, it is recommended you carry insurance for your business.

11. Exclusivity: Organizers do not provide vendors with exclusivity to any one particular product or service unless specifically negotiated in writing through sponsorship.

12. If the venue becomes unfit for occupancy or substantially interfered with due to any cause not within the control of the organizer, the trade show may, at the sole discretion of event organizers, be cancelled, relocated or delayed. Exhibitors understand that the event organizers shall not be responsible for delays, damage, loss, increased costs or other unfavourable conditions arising. Should the event be canceled, relocated or delayed, the exhibitor herby waives any and all claims for injury, loss or damage arising there from. If a vendor chooses a refund instead of accepting the new location and/or date, they may request a refund and it will be issued within 30 days.

13. Cancellations: This contract can be cancelled by either party provided written notice is received by the other at least eight (8) weeks prior to the show date, in which case the vendor will be responsible for 50% of the total contracted amount. If the vendor cancels after this date the vendor will be liable for 100% of the total contracted space costs. By cancelling this contract the vendor forfeits all rights or claims to the allocated space and organizers are free to rent it to others. If any cancellations need to be made, the Vendor must notify Rock Your Bump via email (

*While we attempt to keep the map updated, it may not be fully up to date.

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Christine Catherall – Owner and Head Organizer

Mailing Address: 44 Drummond Avenue T4R 3E1

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Brittany McCoy – Co-Organizer