Proud Fertility – Surrogacy and Egg Donation in Canada

Have you ever thought about becoming a surrogate?

Want to know what it takes?

Do you want to give a gift so big that can never be repaid?


Proud Fertility – Surrogacy and Egg Donation in Canada is all about the life-changing experience that one can be proud of – whether you are an egg donor, surrogate mother, sperm donor, or Intended Parent (IP).

Proud Fertility is an inclusive and full-service consultancy who is dedicated to helping individuals or couples who cannot have a child. We do not support vanity surrogacy.

We have a nationwide team available across Canada to assist with all aspects of your personal journey. The staff at Proud Fertility are trained to be patient and understand the specific needs of all parties. Not all parties move at the same speed, and after your initial engagement with Proud Fertility, a clear plan of how to move forward is negotiated to make all parties comfortable.

We pride ourselves in providing a stellar support system for all parties, that is founded on trust, transparency, and mediation. We help all parties feel in control of their journey.

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