Pathways Prenatal

 Pathways Prenatal is a 4 week session of comprehensive in-person classes designed to prepare birthing people both informationally and physically for the birth experience. Our instructors have over 17 years of experience attending births, and are constantly continuing their educations to ensure they deliver up to date information for their students. With a little preparation, both mentally and physically, and the knowledge of options available, you can feel more in control of your birth!

What To Expect From Our Classes:

A calming environment;
Relax and learn in the beautiful Elle Physio group space
Bring your own snacks, drinks, and pillows

Fun quizes
Roleplays (optional)​

Childbirth education;
Coping techniques
Roles of the birth team
Stages of labour
Fetal positioning
and more

Body Prep;
Movement and stretching
Labour positions

Guest Speaker;
Talk with Elle Physiotherapy

Postpartum Prep;
Golden hour
The 4th trimester
Postpartum mood disorders
Newborn care
Safe sleep

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