Fall 2021 Vendor Package

November 13th, 2021

10:00am – 3:00pm

The Holiday Inn & Suites Red Deer South

Gasoline Alley

Red Deer, Alberta

What we offer:

10 years and 20 events!!! So exciting!

Rock Your Bump started back in 2011 as the premiere shopping event for new and expectant moms, and has continued to be a show that people look forward to attending! This is the 20th Rock Your Bump show and it will be held at The Holiday Inn & Suites on Gasoline Alley in Red Deer.

We will be offering paid tickets again for those who want a swag bag, but we are looking at switching things up a little with those tickets. Keep an eye on the page for updates with what the will look like.There will be 100 regular tickets and 25 VIP tickets. The swag bags are filled with goodies that you, our vendors, donate. The 25 VIP ones are an opportunity to offer something extra special in them! What a great way to get your info into their hands guaranteed! We will be doing hourly door prizes all day long as they are a huge draw to the show, in addition to a grand prize draw at the end of the day. You will be required to donate a door prize to be used for these giveaways or other giveaways related to the show. There is no minimum value for this. Please note that this door prize is to be provided to organizers approximately 3 weeks before the show. Swag bag items will also be dropped off during this time so please plan accordingly. We do not accept paper only for the swag bags. It must be an tangible item to go along with any paper/business card.


Rock Your Bump is dedicated to showcasing businesses that are local to Alberta. Our research has shown that Central Alberta like to shop local and support local businesses. They also love unique items that cannot be found “everywhere”. Mothers represent the most powerful consumers in Canada today, controlling the majority of the household spending. By being a part of Rock Your Bump, you will be having face to face interaction with these women! 97% of those who attend our show identify as female, with the majority being between the ages of 25 and 34 (71%). At our Spring 2021 event approximately 94% of attendee’s were expecting and/or had children. 68% it was their first time attending RYB (which means our advertising is working!), 28% have been 1-3 times and 3% have been 4+ times! These numbers have been consistent for several years now. Typically we would say we expect to have 400-500 adults thru the doors, but with Covid we have found that our numbers are lower, but the attendees are definitely there to buy!

Advertising and Promotion:

We use many different means of advertising in order to reach as many people as we can. We do ask for your help in reaching more people. By sharing Rock Your Bump social media posts, handing out postcards at events prior to ours or adding them into orders we can reach so many more people!

Social Media:

This is our biggest area for advertising with about 75% of attendees hearing about the show on social media. You will receive a minimum of 5 mentions between Facebook and Instagram. This year word of mouth and social media will be more important than ever for advertising! We would like to see every vendor sharing the event page that we create and there will be graphics you are welcome to use as well to help advertise the event!


We have a website that has information about the events, plus we keep vendors from past events listed for a minimum of 3 years. Each vendor gets their own page on our website (www.rockyourbump.ca) where you will have your company name and description along with any pictures/logo you provide to us.

Radio advertising:

We will be utilizing radio advertising again leading up the event. Our guests tell us that they listen to Kraze. They usually do a Facebook contest for us as well!

Printed Material:

Approximately 1000 postcards and 25 posters will be delivered around the community in the month leading up to the show by vendors and the show organizers. We are doing less than normal for postcards due to covid and many places not handing things out. By having all the vendors handing out postcards when possible and posting on social media as well, we are able to reach so many more people!


We have been collecting email address from our guests for several years now and send out emails letting our past guests know about upcoming events.

Table and Booth Options:

All tables are 8 feet long and approximately 2.5 feet deep and are covered and skirted. Depending on the size of the space, up to two tables are available per space, plus one or two chairs.

Please note that all inside 8 foot tables are just the table and cannot be moved. There will be no space beside, in front or behind the table for product displays, clothing racks, backdrops, etc. If you need floor space, please book a larger space.

All outside wall booths are along the perimeter of the room and allow you to set up your display, as you wish, within your space.

Map is at the bottom of the page with all options for spaces.

Vendor Perks

• We continue to list all past vendors on our website with a link to your business for a minimum of 3 years. This way customers can find you again.

• Private vendor page on Facebook so you can ask questions and we can keep you updated on the show. Please make sure you join the group.

• Opportunity to contribute promotional materials, samples and coupons to 125 swag bags. Paper only will not be accepted. Please make sure you have items attached to any paper you contribute.

• Free Wifi available for vendors.

• Complimentary electricity for all wall booths. Please bring your own extension cord.

• Covered and skirted tables are provided at no extra cost.

• In November we will be hosting a vendor get together event. A fun evening of socializing, wine, snacks and giveaways for YOU! All vendors who participate in our events for 2021 will be invited to join us. *We are hoping we will be able to do this again, but we will follow regulations set out by Alberta Health.

• Postcards and posters to hand out so your customers can visit you at the show

Other opportunities:

Gold Sponsor – 2 available 

  • Two “Skip the Lines” tickets per event to give away in a contest. Must be given away on Facebook to help raise awareness of the show 3-4 weeks before the event
  • Listed on the website as a gold sponsor (Company name – Gold sponsor)
  • Opportunity to contribute promotional materials, samples and coupons to 125 swag bags
  • Your own page on RYB website with links to your website/Facebook page, pictures and description (provided by you) and listed as a gold sponsor on the website for each event.
  • Minimum 6 mentions on Social Media per event.
  • Promote any special you will have at the show on Facebook for each event.
  • Company will be listed on our website with a link to your business for a minimum of 3 years. This way customers can find you again.
  • Postcards and posters to hand out so your customers can visit you at the shows.
  • Logo in one email that is sent to our mailing list, per event. Thanks to our Gold sponsors “Company name” or logo

If you are interested in being a Gold Sponsor, please email us to talk about the details! hello@rockyourbump.ca. Pricing will depend on what size of space your business needs and if you’d like to commit to one event or two (one year).

Mother’s lounge

Opportunity to sponsor this important space for moms to relax and feed their little ones. We will provide 2 comfortable chairs for moms to sit in and a small table for snacks. The nursing area will be curtained off and you will have a small space outside the curtained area with a table to advertise your services. We also suggest having snacks for mom to eat in the Mother’s lounge, is permitted. This space is approx 9 feet by 15 feet, including the curtained off area.

You will receive all the above vendor perks PLUS:

• Minimum 5 mentions on Social Media.

• Listed as being the Mother’s Lounge Sponsor on our website.

• Power is included in this space, please bring your own extension cord.


Rules and regulations:

1. Complete all forms online and email photos to hello@rockyourbump.ca. Send in payment within 48 hours of being accepted. Do not send payment until you receive an email accepting you – this is a juried show. Please allow up to 14 days for us to look over applications. You will receive an email no matter our decision. Receipts will be emailed to you. Please remember to print it off or save it.

2. Set up will be from 2pm – 8pm on Friday and Saturday morning from 8am on.

3. Photographs and videos: Organizers reserve the rights to reproduce all photographs, images and likenesses taken during the show for future promotional purposes.

4. Nothing is to be attached to the walls in any way.

5. Spaces cannot be shared with other business, nor can you advertise another business at your booth. Anyone selling/advertising items not approved will be asked to leave.

6. Any harassment, abuse or disrespect from an vendor towards event organizers, volunteers or staff will not be tolerated and shall result in removal from the show/premises without compensation or refund of any and all fees and charges. Zero Tolerance Policy is in effect.

7. Any items left at The Holiday Inn & Suites will be disposed of as Rock Your Bump organizers see fit.

8. Vendor agrees that the event management, the venue and their representatives are not liable for any injury, damage that may occur to the exhibitor or to any items that are lost, stolen or damaged at Rock Your Bump. While we do not require it, it is recommended you carry insurance for your business.

9. Exclusivity: Organizers do not provide vendors with exclusivity to any one particular product or service unless specifically negotiated in writing through sponsorship.

10. Should events beyond the reasonable control of the Holiday Inn & Suites and/or Rock Your Bump, including but not limited to (1) acts of God, (2) war, including armed conflict, (3) strikes or labor disputes at the Holiday Inn & Suites or in Red Deer, Alberta, (4) disease at the Holiday Inn & Suites or in Red Deer, Alberta (examples of disease: SARS, Legionnaires, COVID-19), (5) government regulation or advisory (including travel advisory warnings), (6) civil disturbance at the Holiday Inn & Suites or in Red Deer, Alberta, (7) terrorism or threats of terrorism in the Canada as substantiated by governmental warnings or advisory notices, (8) curtailment of transportation services or facilities which would materially affect attendees from attending the trade show, (9) disaster, fire, tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes in Red Deer, Alberta, (10) unseasonable extreme inclement weather in Red Deer, Alberta, (11) shortages or disruption of the electrical power supply causing blackouts or rolling blackouts or other essential utilities in Red Deer, Alberta, or (12) any other cause reasonably beyond the parties’ control (collectively referred to as “occurrences”), making the event commercially impracticable, impracticable to perform, illegal, or impossible to fully perform under this Agreement as the Parties originally contracted the event may be canceled, relocated or delayed. The vendor herby waives any and all claims for injury, loss or damage arising therefrom.

11. Cancellations: This contract can be cancelled providing written notice is received at least eight (8) weeks prior to the event date, in which case the vendor will be responsible for 50% of the total contracted amount. If the vendor cancels after this date the vendor will be liable for 100% of the total contracted space costs. By cancelling this contract the vendor forfeits all rights or claims to the allocated space and organizers are free to rent it to others. If a cancellation needs to be made, the Vendor must notify Rock Your Bump via email at hello@rockyourbump.ca.

12. COVID-19: If Rock Your Bump has to be cancelled due to restrictions because of COVID-19 or related restrictions, vendors will be moved to our next event OR may choose to receive a refund of 75% of what they paid if less than 4 weeks from event date. If more than 4 weeks before the event, vendors can choose to be moved to the next event or receive a 90% refund. This only applies if regulations change and we cannot go ahead with the event, it does not apply if a vendor chooses not to attend for any reason.

13. Vendor agrees to abide by and observe all laws, rules, and regulations of the Province and City where the event takes place. This includes any and all regulations put out by Alberta Health and The Holiday Inn & Suites in regards to COVID-19. This may include using hand sanitizer upon entry into the hotel, wearing a mask and other measures as required. We will be following current regulations and recommendations at the time of the event. If you have any concerns about this, please let me know.

Please remember to email photos to hello@rockyourbump.ca if you have not sent them already. The sooner we get them, the sooner we can get social media posts made and the website updated. Please save photos as “(your company name)1”, “(your company name)2”, etc before sending them to use as some vendors have similar items and we save all photos in a group folder. Much appreciated!

While we try to keep the map up to date, it can change quickly.