E-Motion Therapy


 E-Motion Therapy strives to help women like yourself to live your daily life with confidence & joy. We use a whole person pelvic health approach to address the physical, psychological & emotional components of pelvic health. 

With a background in both physical and mental health, our therapists will listen to your unique journey and work with you to craft goals and a treatment plan that work with your life.

We specialize in working with women who are:

– pregnant (preparing the pelvic floor & core for birth – both vaginal & c-section)
– postpartum (EVERY woman should be seen by a pelvic floor therapist 6-8 weeks after birth)
– leaking
– experiencing pelvic organ prolapse
– returning to fitness / activity
– experiencing pelvic pain (including LOW BACK PAIN)
– experiencing pain with sex
– living with a chronic pelvic health condidition such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, interstitial cystitis, vaginismus, vulvodynia, etc
– experiencing changes in sexual activity, both desire & ability to enjoy sexual activity or orgasm
– menopause related pelvic health

** NEW ** Offering Prenatal / Postpartum Parties!
Our therapist will come to your home (or venue of choice) and work with up to 8 women for 2 hours of pelvic health education & activities! This is the perfect mama-to-be gift or baby shower activity (suitable for women of all ages 14 years and older).  
Expect to learn & laugh, but not pee your pants!

Please contact Lindsey at E-Motion Therapy for more information.

To speak with a therapist to answer any questions, please call 403-783-8383 or book online at www.e-motiontherapy.com

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