Catching Fireflies Sleep Solutions

Char works with families one on one virtually or in person to find all the missing pieces to the puzzle of their child’s sleep. It is not a one size fits all method. She is here to figure out what is going on and what is going to work for YOUR child. Each family would have a different goal. Maybe only waking up once a night, better naps, sleeping through the night or getting your toddler out of your bed to name a few goals. Char is then there to support and help families for 2 weeks. Char is there every step of the way to answer all questions and ensure we meet the family’s goal and have success. 

Char’s specialty is in home support. She provides overnight and daytime support. She is a certified Night Coach as well that allows her to come and do the coaching for families where she stays for up to 3 nights, if they choose to be hands off. 

She also can work with families that are expecting and anxious about newborn sleep. With her newborn sleep guide, you can feel confident right off the bat on what to expect and how to help your newborn sleep well from day one.

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