Bea’s Creations: Jewelry and Candles

 I make semi-precious gemstone jewelry bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces. I also make copper jewelry, all made with top quality stones. My gemstones I have done a great deal of research on all of my products. I have discovered that each stone has a story to tell if one is sensitive to the stone and the energy it holds. Each stone will offer a healing and mood awareness to the wearer. 

I also make candles. All of our candles are clean burning made with 100% plant based soy wax and are full of natural fragrances and contains no toxins, they are hand poured. I make them with passion and love. I started making them for myself and family, but now I want to share these amazing candles. I have many Calming, Invigorating & Energizing Fragrances which will help all the family and for young mothers to feel relaxed.